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Crafting Week Begins Tuesday 2/27/18

February 24 2018 - written by Oxy'Contin at 02:05 pm • 0 Comments

Crafting week is upon us again. And for those Guildies (Officers Not Included) that participate

there will be rewards. The rewards are as follows:

  • First place
    • First member to obtain 1 Million Conquest Points (Legacy Wide) will receive the following:
      • 5 Million Credits
      • 3 Picks out of the Event Reward Tab in the Guild Bank
  • Second, Third, And Fourth Place
    • Obtain atleast 500k Conquest Points¬† (Legacy Wide) and receive the following:
      • 1 Pick from the Event Reward Tab in the Guild Bank

If you have any questions please reach out to an officer in game.

Thank you, And happy crafting !!

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